Orlando Pita, lead stylist for BioSilk at the Carolina Herrera NYFW Fall/Winter 2014 show, created a look that was reminiscent of the classic 60′s beehive but with a whimsical play on proportions. The result was a streamlined, polished, sculptural updo.

“The hair takes the shape of the fez-like hats that are in Carolina’s collection. I started thinking of an updo that would fit right under the hat, but I wanted to make it more streamlined and not so beehive-ish-- as this kind of shape could look retro so I wanted to make it sharper and more modern,” says Pita.

Pita decided to take a modern technical approach and build each updo off of foam stuffing and an extension ponytail to get the bulk and height that this look requires.


Pita first prepped each model’s hair with the BioSilk Silk Therapy to smooth everything out and get rid of flyways before adding the foam stuffing and ponytail extensions. He started by putting each models’ hair up in a knot right at the crown of the head and then placing foam stuffing around it to create bulk.

Following the shape created by the foam stuffing, an extension ponytail was then twisted and pinned into place to create florets all around the updo. Once the ponytail extension was pinned into the correct place, each updo was finished by wrapping the ends of each ponytail section around the base of the completed style. Pita locked the style in with firm hold hairspray.

Albert Luis, part of Pita's team for this show, shares the steps to get this look:

1. Apply dime size amount of BioSilk Silk Therapy from roots to ends. Brush all of hair up, back and towards the crown into a high ponytail. Using a finishing spray create smoothness and shine.

2. Twist the tail ends tightly until it coils onto itself. Pin the ends at the base of the ponytail and take a 72” long hair weft matching model’s hair and precut into three even sections. Hair length should be at least 22” long. Secure each section flat and close to the base of the twisted ponytail. When looking down at ponytail pin at 4:00, 8:00 and 12:00.

3. Unroll large donut hair filler and use it lengthwise to wrap around the base and stem of the ponytail to form a thicker and wider base. It is very important to wrap it tightly. Secure it with bobby pins.

4. Begin with the section of extensions at 4:00. Smooth over hair filler as you move clockwise up and around, and use remaining hair in twist form to decorate the top and complement the original ponytail twist. Using a finishing spray, pin to secure placements of twist.

5. Do the same with 8:00 making sure the majority, if not all, of filler is covered at this point.

6. Use 12:00 section to wrap in a horizontal manner around entire style to give a fashion feel of a Fez Hat. Finish with finishing spray.