Rosa Hawkins, Goldwell North America Artistic Team Member and owner of Di Rosa Haircare & Esthetique (Franklin Square, NY), has a favorite fall color formula called “Autumn Splendor” that captures the essence of the season.

Background: 40 ml 20 vol Goldwell Topchic Developer + 40 ml Goldwell Topchic 6KS

Detail 1: 30 ml 10 vol Goldwell Topchic Developer + 20 ml Goldwell Topchic 10 ml of 5RS and 10 ml of 4BV

Detail 2: Goldwell SilkLift Lightener Strong 35ml 20 vol. SilkLift Lotion

Glaze: Goldwell Elumen Hair Color 60 ml GK@all and 20ml KK@all


STEP 1: Carve out a diamond section on top about 1” away from front hairline to top of occipital - the smaller the diamond, the more detail revealed.

STEP 2: Working parallel to the angle of the diamond, alternate Detail 1 & 2.

STEP 3: Continue around the triangle.

STEP 4: Apply background to remaining hair and process for 30 minutes.

STEP 5: Shampoo and condition.

STEP 6: Apply glaze and process for 20 minutes.

HOW-TO: "Autumn Spendor" Fall Hair Color Idea