Hair always seems to appear smaller on camera. So how can you pump up your model's hair? Try adding extensions for added volume and length. Take a look at these steps on how to apply Hotheads Hair Extensions, offered by Hotheads stylist Victoria Casciola.



STEP 1: Take a section that matches the density of the extension and keep a very clean part by using a Hotheads Rat Tail comb. Place the extension facing up below the part line having no tension from hair above and roll the hair on to the adhesive tab.

STEP 2. Place the second extension, with the adhesive facing down on top, of the first cradling model's hair in-between the two adhesive tabs. Press them together using your thumbs to secure them.

STEP 3: To begin styling, first section hair into a t-part. Start at bottom of the nape taking horizontal sections. Using a curling iron place iron at root and wrap hair around the rod setting each section as a barrel roll. Alternate each row with curls facing upwards and then next row downwards.

STEP 4: When you reach the sides make sure your curls are curled away from the face still alternating facing upwards and downwards.

STEP 5: Let the set cool down while getting make-up done to achieve maximum curl roughly about 20-30 minutes.

STEP 6: After cooling, remove curls starting from nape area to the front.

STEP 7: Spray each section using Schwarzkopf Osis Elastic Hairspray to get a flexible, yet durable hold.

STEP 8: Now that all the curls have been let down,use a wide tooth tail comb to separate the curls while placing them strategically in the desired spot.

STEP 9: For the finishing touch make sure everything is placed in the exact desired area and spray the final layer using Schwarzkopf Osis Freeze. 

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