Part of Kenra Color's 2014 Spring/Summer Artistic Collection: Blonde Horizons, the look "Strawberry Sunrise" is inspired by unique characteristics of sunrises, including the range of tones, melting of colors and diffusion of light.

"When you envision a sunrise it has a subtle delineation but yet a strong diffusion of light that melds and harmonizes those color tones all the way through," says Robb Dubré, Senior Artistic Director, Kenra Color. "It’s those characteristics that we used and embodied them into our Blonde Horizons collection."

“The Blonde Horizons Collection is supported by a versatile color palette and offers easily replicated color placement and technique." This collection truly provides relevant, wearable hair color that can be accomplished in five steps or less."

HOW-TO: Strawberry Sunrise Redhead Hair Color by Kenra Color

Kenra created three very customizable applications from champagne to golden to strawberry that inspire the stylist to use Kenra Color creatively. See how you can replicate the "Strawberry Sunrise" look on your clients.


Color Formulas
Formula A: Foundation 1 3/4 oz. 9CG + 1/4 oz. 8C + 2 oz. 20-volume developer
Formula B: Accent Lightener + 10-volume developer (1:2)
Formula C: Accent 2 oz. 8CG + 2 oz. 10-volume developer

STEP 1: Create horizon sectioning from the hairline recession to the crown. Create a horseshoe sectioning following the horizon perimeter.
STEP 2: Apply Foundation Color Formula A to Zone 1.
STEP 3: Diffuse Formula C and Formula B as shown in Zone 2.
STEP 4: From the apex of Zone 3 foil hair, rotating Formula B skip slice, Formula C slice, Formula B skip slice.
STEP 5: Apply Foundation Color Formula A on remaining hair between foils. Process for 30 minutes.

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