Six Before and After Color Makeovers

By Alison Alhamed | 10/30/2012 11:27:00 AM


An old salon saying goes, "I'm a hair stylist, not a magician." Well, guess what? The stroke of a color brush (or, magic wand), can completely transform a client. And, some may agree that's pretty magical.

MODERN Facebook fan Becky Marinich LOVES a good color project. But, she also understands why some colorists fear corrections. "Color corrections can be really scary and time consuming," she says.

Marinich, who is also a stylist at Olde South Hair Designs in Springboro, Ohio, says she no longer fears the client who sits in her chair and desperately needs some love from the color brush.

"Ever since I started using Kenra Color, my job has been so much easier," she says.

Kenra Color, which launched in January 2012, has a line-up of 70 shades of low-ammonia Permanent Coloring Creme, and 40 shades of ammonia-free Demi-Permanent Color Creme.

Additionally, Kenra Color includes a dust-free Lightening Powder and a Color Correction System that removes oxidative pigments and leaves hair ready for a new color services.

The Color Correcting System is designed to gently remove oxidative pigments without disturbing the hair's natural pigments--it's a two-part non-bleach formula that mixes into a cream. The removal process can be repeated and a color service performed immediately following.

Here, Marinich shows off six before-and-after color correction clients, and gives the formulas she used to create the results.

Even if you don't use Kenra Professional color, these before-and-afters prove you, too, can be a color magician!

WE WANT TO SEE YOUR WORK! Want to be's next featured artist? Send your work, and info on how you did it (color formulas, steps on styling or cutting method, etc) to MODERN's Alison Shipley

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Highlights: Kenra Lightener with 10-volume developer

Base: 8AA/9N + 10-volume developer

Ends and in between foils: 8A/10N + 10-volume developer

Highlights: Kenra Lightener with 10-volume developer

Base: 8AA + 30-volume developer

Ends: 8N + 10-volume developer

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Highlights: Kenra Lightener with 10-volume developer

Base to ends: Demi-Permanent 5B/7N

Below occipital: 6N + 10-volume developer from base to ends

Highlights: Kenra Lightener with 10-volume developer

Lowlights: 6N + 10-volume developer

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Highlights: Kenra Lightener with 20-volume developer

Base: 6B/7N + 20-volume developer 

Toner: Demi-Permanent 9PV

Fall color makeover using the Kenra "Latesia" Block Diffusion technique.

Foundation: 4BC/6N + 20-volume developer

Anchor: 6BC/6N + 20-volume developer

Sliced accents: 8B+ 40-volume developer and weave accent of Kenra Lightener + 10-volume developer.

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Color corrections can be really scary and time consuming, but thanks to the new Kenra color line, my job has been so much easier! Here are a few examples.

1st photo- 10vol Kenra Lightener highlight, 8AA/9N+10vol at root area in between foils, pulled through ends left out of foils with 8A/10N+10vol.

2nd- 8AA+30vol roots, pulled 8N+10vol through ends. Rinsed, dried and finished with a10vol Kenra Lightener highlight.

3rd- 10 vol Kenra Lightener highlight with Demi permanent 5B/7N from roots to ends between foils.

4th- 6N+10vol roots to ends in the underneath sections, 10 volume Kenra Lightener highlight and 6N+10VOL lowlight throughout rest of sections. Toned in between foils with 9A+20vol

5th- Kenra Lightener 20 volume full highlight, Roots 6B/7N+20VOL in between foils. Lightly pulled root color through, rinsed, and toned all with Demi 9PV.


6th- Fall color makeover using the Kenra "Latesia" Block Diffusion technique. Foundation- 4BC/6N+20, Anchor-6BC/6N+20, Sliced accent-8B+40vol, Weaved accent-10vol Kenra Lightener.











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November, 13, 2013 at 02:10 PM

The first and second are allright, but the rest are streaky mess.

California  |  November, 13, 2013 at 11:45 PM

I absolutely agree. I'm not even so sure about the second. The first is nice.

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