Peek-a-Boo French Braid: Get the Steps!

By Alison Alhamed | 04/19/2012 10:19:00 AM


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MODERN Facebook fan Drew Noreen, a stylist at Pucci Salon and artist for The Beauty Agents, recently returned from an updo class with Sharon Blain where he learned how to create the perfect pony and chignon. Fresh with inspiration, he created this peek-a-boo braid and posted it on MODERN's Facebook wall. And? You guys LOVED IT! With 1,400 "likes," more than 300 "shares" and tons of comments, we HAD to track down the steps to create this summery look.

"I created this look for a client who loves braids... but her hair doesn't hold a curl," Drew told us. "I was given all creative reign and there ya' go! I love how there are those times where you don't think about what you're doing and get unbelievable results. It's the magic and passion of beauty!"

click image to zoompee-a-boo braid summer hair Step 1: Preset hair with a strong blow dry set or a marcel set and your favorite sleeking products. Begin by isolating a large, off-center triangle section on the left of the head and clip out of the way. Try not to go below the temple area, as that hair will be incorporated into your french braid.
click image to zoom Step 2: Isolate another large, off center triangle section on the opposite side of the head and clip out of the way. This section can be larger than the first, bringing it below the temple and back toward the crown.
click image to zoom Step 3: You should now be left with a third section, which is your braiding section. Begin about 1-inch back from the hairline, create your favorite style of french braid, directing it back and down tight toward the nape and securing with a elastic band. (Leaving out a small section of hair on the left side of nape).
click image to zoom Step 4: Take your section from Step 1 on the left side and bring it softly down around the face, adjusting to the client’s needs and face shape. Make sure that the right side of your section is covering a portion of the left side of the french braid. Wrap the ends around the pony and secure with bobby pin.
click image to zoom Step 5: Sub-divide your second triangle section into two smaller sections. Bring one section smoothly around the head, making sure the left side of the section is covering a portion of the right side of the french braid. Wrap ends around pony and secure with bobby pin.
click image to zoompee-a-boo braid summer hair Step 6: Taking your remaining divided section from the right side, bring it around to the left side of the head, slightly lower than the previous section and down to the ponytail. Using the small section of hair left out at the nape, start braiding into the current section OVER the ponytail. This will give the illusion that the french braid is coming out into the pony. Finish the ponytail as you and your client feel best. For a more undone/messy feel, try rouging the ends or to keep it softer and more romantic, create a soft wave or curl pattern! Have fun and get creative!






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shannon laviguer    
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g-skin and beauty institute,las vegas  |  April, 19, 2012 at 04:23 PM

I love this braid, I love how it looks so neat and can be worn as a casual look or it would be FABULOUS for a wedding updo

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