At the Sahag Workshop in New York City, color director Doug
Macintosh uses baliage to add brightness and dimension to deep
shades. He prefers L’Oréal Professionnel’s Platinium with 20-volume
developer because “it stays wet like a paste and doesn’t dry out.”
His tips for the best baliage:

• To leave darkness at the base, create a V-shape with the “legs” at
the root area.

• Space highlights about a ½-inch apart for a
brightening effect.

• Wipe off excess lightener with your
fingers to ensure no bleed marks.

• Lay strands on cotton and cover with
cellophane, so you can see when
you reach the desired amount of lift.

• To remove the cotton, apply conditioner
and rinse; it’ll slip right out.

Beautiful Baliage

Beautiful Baliage