Spending a day with Beth Minardi, co-owner of Minardi Salon and
Joico Vero K-Pak spokesperson, is like taking a crash course at Harvard.
It’s non-stop education, both in her terminology, her applications
and formulations. While Minardi’s team (“The best in the world,”
says Beth of Color Assistant Gion Vincent, Senior Stylist Tammy Laimos
and Executive Morgan Wentworth) and those of us who have attended any
of her classes are used to the intensity, it’s fun to watch the reaction of
the first-timers.

Photographer Roberto Ligresti, who has been shooting MODERN covers
for years, was equally impressed.

“Although I don’t do hair color, I can see why colorists hang on her
every word for the most intense and most interesting information. On top
of that, she is just so entertaining! I wish there was a Beth Minardi for the
photo world!”

When asked which was her favorite tool at the shoot, Minardi didn’t have
to think for long: “I actually have two favorite tools at this session,” she says.
“It’s my little slanted color brush—it offers tremendous control and allows
me to put color where I want. I also love long foils for long hair!”

Behind the Cover (October 2010)

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Behind the Cover (October 2010)
From left: Morgan Wentworth, Gion Vincent, Beth Minardi, Gareth Green and Tammy Laimos.

Behind the Cover (October 2010)
Beth on the set doing color.

Behind the Cover (October 2010)
Make-up artist Gareth Green practices technique on assistant Gion Vincent.