Blonde to Red MakeoverBringing
Out the Best

Process is written and compiled by Victoria Wurdinger.
In Sarasota, Florida, Yellow Strawberry salons are makeover
central. The goal, says owner Richard Weintraub, is
to always bring out the client’s best features. In this case,
a natural Level-6, muted brunette had very faded highlights.
The color made her skin tone too monochromatic and failed
to showcase her blue eyes. The steps to change:

1. Color Balance. ½ scoop Artego Lovely Lights powder
bleach with an equal amount of 5-volume developer. Apply
all over at the bowl and process for five minutes. Shampoo,
rinse, condition and dry.

2. Color Prime. ½ oz Artego Gel 7.4 (Level-7 red demi) with
1 oz of 3% (10-volume) developer. Apply roots-to-ends, process
30 minutes, wipe off with a towel.

3. Color. ¾ oz Artego 6.6 (light red brown), ¼ oz 6.4 (dark
copper blonde) with equal parts 10-volume developer.
Process 35 minutes, rinse, shampoo, condition.

4. Sealant. ½ oz Artego Gel 6.6 with 1 oz 1.8% (5-volume)
developer. Process 25 minutes at room temperature, rinse.

Hair by Caroline Behan, make-up by Heather Douville, both for Yellow Strawberry Global Salon.