Curly hair girls/guys tell all: Faatemah Ampey

02/12/2010 9:29:00 AM



2010 Shear Genius contestant, winner of NAHA 2009 in “Fashion Forward” category and blogger for

Describe your hair:
“Currently natural, meaning no chemical straightener. Fine, but coarse and curly.”

How did you feel about your hair growing up and how has that changed since you became involved in the beauty industry?

Faatemah Ampey's curly hair as a kid

“My hair was always a mess! My mother often braided my hair or pressed it with a hot comb. But this didn’t affect my self esteem -- it’s hard to find a childhood picture of me not smiling. My messy hair may be the biggest reason I joined the beauty industry!”

What are the most important and interesting developments in hair texture today?
“Texture re-emerging as a trend is important. Stylists who are eager to stay in touch with fashion realize they need to learn new techniques for curly hair. No more triangular bobs for the curly girl! Companies have created better products customized to complement curly hair. Interesting? The ability to create texture where there was “none.” Angelo Seminara's work consistently inspires me.”

What type of products/tools and what amount of time do you spend on your hair on “curly” days and on “straight” days?
“I achieve my look by doing what I call a "water perm." Hair is shampooed and conditioned. Next, I apply Aveda's Phomollient, then section hair and set with various sizes of perm rods. Dry under hooded dryer, then finger-comb. I really like big hair that looks like it's been lived in a bit.

“To maintain my look, I use Aestelance Balm leave-in conditioner and Aveda's Brilliant Spray-On Shine. I also use Bumble & Bumble Hair powder to amp it up. This set requires weekly maintenance and some extensions for more glam!”

Other comments/observations on curly/textured hair?
“I really think it's important for women to embrace their hair texture regardless of what it may be. Trends are only to be used as guidelines. There's nothing sexier than defining your own style!”

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