New Device Assesses and Measures Progress of Hair Loss Treatments

By Alison Alhamed | 12/14/2009 3:00:00 AM


A new device measures hair loss, hair breakage and the scalp’s response to hair-loss products and treatments. Instead of only offering clients products to address thinning hair, and hoping they work, this new device shows clients the products are or aren't working—by measuring the results.

Haircheck allows stylists to identify clients’ hair-loss before it becomes visible, to measure thinning accurately on the first visit, and to measure the progress after recommending a regiment of professional products.

To evaluate hair loss, isolate hair into a bundle contained within a 2x2 centimeter area of scalp. The hair bundle is slipped into the slot in the Haircheck cartridge for compression and measurement, with results displayed on the device's LED screen for notation on your Client History Card. Haircheck lets stylist's take a “control” reading from the back of the head where hereditary hair loss doesn't occur. This reading, compared with a reading on the front of the head or the crown immediately tells you if hair loss is occurring, even if you can’t see any signs with your naked eye. Readings should be taken at intervals during the course of hair-loss treatment to assess progress and keep your client on a program that works.

According to the company, salons using Haircheck can see thousands of dollars in additional income each month as clients are finally able to get answers to their hair-loss questions: Am I losing hair? How much hair have I already lost? Are the hair growth products and treatments I use working? Which products and treatments work for me?

The company states, “By the time hair loss becomes visible and treatment begins, 50 percent of the hair can already be gone. Thinning hair affects as much as 75 percent of all men and 10 percent of healthy women. Haircheck can detect thinning years before it can be seen by the naked eye. Haircheck measures hair loss from thinning and breakage, which means your clients can begin treatments before the loss becomes apparent.”
In addition, Haircheck provides quantifiable progress of hair regrowth and structural improvement, allowing you to make adjustments to get the right mix of treatment formulations for the best results. This can greatly increase retail income since hair loss products are intended for long-term use.

For more information and to request a DVD showing Haircheck in action, call 800-233-7453 or visit






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