The flatiron is about to get its 15 minutes of fame. Flatiron experts,
Jane Shan, category manager for Conair Pro-Iron and Hairsetter;
International Creative Director of FHI Heat, Philip Wilson; and ghd
Artistic Ambassador Andy Bodine all agree: Flatiron technology is
improving and these advancements are making the iron easier to use and
capable of perfecting a multitude of styles.

What’s New?


Babyliss has a few new technological
breakthroughs. The plates of this ultra-slim and sleek iron are
ultra-smooth, durable and Titanium-plated. The steam function is
targeted to launch in the beginning of 2009, which will moisturize and
condition hair.

Wilson: FHI’s next-generation heat system heats four times
faster and distributes heat evenly across the surface. This provides
greater styling power and control, while enhancing the health of hair.
Three nano particles also work to restore moisture and remove toxins
and bacteria.

Bodine: The GHD IV Styler has beveled edges and floating plates,
two important features that help create beautiful curls and waves-large
or small, loose or tight—just as easy as it straightens.

What’s Now?

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Babyliss Nano Titanium Mini Iron


Nano Titanium has a ceramic heater that maintains a consistent and
optimum heat of 450 degrees, and ultra-smooth and durable
Titanium-plated plates. And the dual voltage mini iron is great for
travel and touch-up.  

Wilson: The FHI Heat Runway iron is our flagship product. It has
pure ceramic plates, not just ceramic coating. The ICHS ceramic heating
system heats inside the plates creating the look you want in just one
pass through the hair. The generator also uses infrared heat, which is
a gentler heat and better for hair.

Bodine: The
ghd IV Styler works well on all types of hair whether short, long,
thick, fine, straight or curly. It features a micro-processor that
regulates the temperature every millisecond, providing consistent heat
from scalp to ends. The temperature of the styler automatically adjusts
depending on the individual’s hair texture. The heat does the work for
you; you just gently glide the styler through the hair.

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What’s Next?


I see more stylists using flatirons to curl hair or bend to create body. Our ultra-thin iron is great for this.

Wilson: Hair styling now covers styles across the board; it’s
not just straight or just curls. FHI Heat calls the flatiron a
“styling” iron because it is a very versatile tool. The beveled edges
and different-sized plates create multiple sizes of waves, curls, etc.

Bodine: Whether you’re looking to create sharp edges or waves,
the textured looks aren’t something you can create with an ordinary
flatiron, but they are easily achievable with the ghd IV Styler.


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FHI Runway