Mark Townsend has been great friends with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen for years, so it is no surprise that they rely on him to come up with the perfect hair look for their New York Fashion Week presentations. For the Elizabeth & James SS 2014 collection Townsend used CHI products and tools to create a sleek ponytail that he calls "touchable, feminine and modern. These ponytails are low," he says, "really low. They are finished but have a lived in texture. The words Mary Kate used to help direct me were casual, sophisticated, accessible and slightly polished."

Townsend admits that the twins "taught me that hair doesn't always have to be so perfect, they want it to be touchable," he says, "and I am beyond honored that they ask me to create this look for this presentation."

In addition to giving Modern an overview of the look, Townsend offered a demo of the new CHI TOUCH SCREEN blow dryer that he used to create the finishes for the show. As he moved the blow dryer around, we noticed that blonde hair was flying all over the floor. "Oh, yes," said Townsend, "I'll give you the SCOOP! I just cut off about 5 inches of Mary Kate's hair! She was so great about it."

She was. Modern chatted with her during the show. "I was ready," she said about her new length, just below the shoulders. "I love the look." Her new shape is touchable and not perfect....SOOOOO Mary Kate and Mark.


How to get the look:

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Final Look