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By Lauren Salapatek | 05/19/2011 4:38:14 PM


NYC Celebrity Make-up Artist and Eyebrow Specialist, Elke Von Freudenberg does more than just create the perfect brow for her bride. She also makes sure that on that special day, their brows are the perfect shape in their wedding photos.

"Brows are just as important to creating your client's perfect bridal look, as their hair and makeup. And uneven or badly shaped brows can create an unwanted look in their wedding photos is you're not careful." shares Elke Von Freudenberg. With photos being a concern for the bride, uneven, or badly shaped brows can ruin a wedding picture.

The most common brow mishaps in photos are:

1. Uneven brows: where one brow is higher than the other.

This can make your client look like they're raising their eyebrow, or that the bone structure and facial shape is uneven. Brows are supposed to be exactly the same, not slightly different.

2. Too Thick/Thin brows: where the brows are very thick from beginning to arch and very thin from arch to ends.

This can create an angry, hard look to the face, especially in photos because the focus of the brow is on the front of the brow, near the nose. To soften, thin out the brows slightly from beginning to arch, and pencil in the brows from arch to ends to create a better balance and a softer look. Avoid the severe trends in brow looks and focus on the best brow shape for your client. "Too thin, light or super thick brows can date your client's look when they're looking back on their wedding photos years from now."

3. Too Dark Brows: Where the brows look too extreme.

Avoid harsh trends for wedding photos—go for a more classic look. Use brow shadows and pencils to create a soft brow that compliments your client's hair color and works great with the style of their wedding dress. Too dark brows can make the face look heavy and pulls the attention away from the eyes. "For your client's big day the focus should be on the hair, make-up, and eyes." To keep a more natural looking brow, choose brow pencil or shadow that's 2/3 shades lighter than the brow color. "We use our Blonde Day Brow Shadow a lot in dark brunette or brown brows. It fills in the brow without making the brow darker."

(To the left shown top to bottom): Day Brow Shadow in Ash Brown, Dark Brunette, Auburn and Blonde.

4. Too Light Brows: Where the brows disappear.

Use brow shadows and pencils to softly create a brow shape. A photo with a missing or too pale brow takes away the expression of your client's face and creates a lifeless image. If your client's hair is very light, you can keep it light, but make sure the dimension is there so that you see the brow framing the eye.

5. Avoid a very frosted or glittery brow highlight for those wedding photos. Flash photography can create a glare effect in the photos, and while it looks pretty in person, apply a brow highlight that has more of a soft shimmer, than a strong frost to compliment and bring out the brow shape. The highlight "Glowstick" is a soft cream with soft gold highlights that compliment a wide array of skin tones.

(To the right) Hi-Light Shadow in Sugar, White Star, Canary, Cyber Glow.






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