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On the menu: CND’s Shellac Long-Lasting Manicure/Pedicure
Target client:
Everyone in the salon.
Timer Saver + Safety

Do the math*

Charge 50 percent more than your fee for traditional manicures and pedicures. The key is that an appealing menu item like this moves previously non-nail clients into nail services, so you’re earning new money. Your potential increase in gross revenue could be:

• $22/Shellac Manicure
• 30 new clients move into nail services each week
• $660/week x 52 weeks = $34,320/year

Because a Shellac manicure retains its flawless,
glassy liquid shine for a minimum of two weeks, clients
will never have to take time to polish their own nails.
The product goes on easily, keeping a manicure appointment
to 30 minutes—while hair color is processing,
perhaps—but also is easily removable so that if the
client decides to take it off herself, she does not risk
damage to her nails.

“Shellac is almost as easy as applying nail polish,
and we’re finding that stylists are filling in spaces in
their book by performing the service themselves,”
says Kimberley Natale, CND vice president of marketing.
“This enables them to do more services in
the day, so their profit goes up. ‘Shellac has
saved my business’—that’s what we’re
hearing over and over.”

Don’t Miss This

One of only a handful of nail companies to
maintain an in-house Research and
Development lab that creates an individual
formulation for each of the 24 shades—
building to 36 by year’s end—CND has been
a pioneer in nails since 1979. In addition to
providing complimentary, in-salon training
for all full Shellac salons, the company posts
step-by-step instruction videos and downloadable pdfs
on its website.

Trend Alert

Shellac is perfectly suited for pedicures, which last
even longer—up to four weeks. “In wintertime,”
says Natale, “rather than heading out into the snow
wearing flip-fl ops, pedicure clients can slide their
feet right into their Uggs because the nails are 100
percent dry at the completion of the service.”

* Example is for illustration purposes only. Pricing is at the sole discretion of the retailer or salon. Actual results may vary. Not all products or offers available in all areas.

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