It’s the complaint of so many women who love the bling but resent the removal of glitter nail polish. The chunks of glitter are often resistant and linger on the nail long after the pigment is gone.

New ESSIE Education Director, Gino Trunzo, shared a brilliant tip for getting rid of these clinging bits.

“Take one of your bottles of nail polish, preferably an older bottle because you don’t want to waste your fresh, new polish, and paint over those areas on the nail where the glitter is still holding on," says Trunzo. "The polish will bond to the glitter and in a few seconds, with a cotton pad saturated with remover, you will be able to wipe away the polish, bringing the glitter along with it.”

Trunzo also offered this nail polish maintenance must: keep the necks of your bottles clean and polish free. Dried polish interferes with securing the cap which leaves room for oxygen to enter and dry out the polish.