Right when we thought nail art was at its peak, CND just introduced a new way to offer more creativity and color to nail clients with 12 cosmetic-grade, pure pigments and lustrous effects called Additives. This colorful powder can be blended into any CND sculpting powder or gel, and layered over CND Shellac for a sophisticated, runway-inspired and chic look.

Create looks that range from tie dye to python, leopard print, and even those that resemble the look of a galaxy, ombre, stained glass or marble. With multiple design possibilities, you can create your own customized signature colors and textures. Additive colors come three different categories: Pigments (Yellow, Bright Red, Black, Medium Green), Pigment Effects (Cerulean Blue, Haute Pink, Antique Bronze, Violet Pearl, Titanium Pearl) and Effects (Pink Gold Sparkle, Green Gold Sparkle and Spectrum Shimmer).

"Additives give nail professionals endless choices to artistically dazzle their clients—both figuratively and literally,” says CND co-founder, Jan Arnold. Available in July 2012, additives have redefined nail art with their versatile, dramatic colors and couture effects. Below is a tutorial of how you can achieve one of the looks: Python—a faux snakeskin look. (Stay tuned for Groovy—a tie dyed look with splashes of bright color!)



STEP 1: P.R.E.P. the natural nail and apply a CND Performance Form. Sculpt an ultra-thin, Clear Retention+ enhancement and finish with the 180 side of the Blizzard File. (For details, see CND's Liquid an Powder Enhancements Sculpted on a Form Step-By-Step).

STEP 2: Apply a second thin layer of Retention+ Clear Sculpting Powder over the enhancement and allow to set for 30 seconds. Then press netting into the partially set surface of the enhancement. Wait three to five seconds and gently pull the netting from the nail, leaving the python pattern behind. Allow to set.

STEP 3: Create a tiny bead of Retention+ Sculpting Powder Clear and dip it into Additives Black, then blend the bead and Additive with your brush on plastic-backed pad. Place the blended bead over the python pattern in Zone 3 and press so that it seeps into the cracks of the pattern.

STEP 4: Repeat this process with a dark green shade by double-dipping the tiny clear bead first into Additives Medium Green and then into Additives Black. Blend and apply over the python pattern, allowing it to seep into the cracks in Zone 2. Lightly feather into the black layer in Zone 3.

STEP 5: Repeat the process with Additives Antique Bronze to Zone 1 to complete the look. Seal the design with a very thin layer of Retention+ Clear Powder and buff to a high shine.

HOW-TO: Faux Python Nail









*Performance Forms

*Retention+ Sculpting Liquid

*Rention+ Sculpting Powder Clear

*CND Additives: Black Pigment, Medium Green Pigment Effect, Antique Bronze Pigment Effect

*CND ProSeries Liquid & Powder Brush

*CND Files & Buffers