MDG Salon | Studio has recently announced that it will be relocating their Carmel salon to a 6,000 square foot location at 820 E. 116th Street in Indianapolis with an opening date of February 2013. The new space will echo the overall concept of MDG Salon | Studio’s downtown location, which opened this past July in the McGowan Legacy Building at 355 Indiana Ave.

This concept is a first for Indianapolis as MDG Salon | Studio now offers its customers a variety of services in two distinct settings within one location. The new space in Carmel will offer salon professionals either a “studio” setting or an open-space environment. The new design will work in concert with their business model of “yourself. yourspace.,” as MDG salon | studio’s team of experienced stylists will be able to choose whether they want to serve their clientele in private studios within the salon or among other stylists in the open environment at the center of the space. 

“We’re looking forward to opening our new doors in Carmel this February,” says Travis Moore, Director of Operations for MDG Salon | Studio. “We’ve found a lot of success with the reinvention of our downtown location and are expecting a similar reception in Carmel."

"The two most popular trends in salon culture today are the open-concept which is a large, open space where all facets of the salon are exposed and visible to the entire salon; and the second is a movement towards catering to the independent salon professional who wants to work in a studio environment,” he says.

Moore continues, “Here they have their own space, but it is truly organized as a salon within a salon. Contrary to the norm, however, studio professionals are given all the amenities an open concept provides such as retail, front desk staff and more organized marketing initiatives. We feel that a blended concept will not only attract the most talented, experienced and versatile stylists in Indy, but we’ll also appeal to a broad demographic of clientele. On both levels, staff and clients, we’ll be able to meet all needs and preferences while providing a high-end, luxurious experience.”


DESIGNER: David Yeager Design

MDG Salon | Studio  Announces Second New LocationMDG Salon | Studio  Announces Second New LocationMDG Salon | Studio  Announces Second New LocationMDG Salon | Studio  Announces Second New LocationMDG Salon | Studio  Announces Second New Location