Holiday Hair: One Set, Three Looks

By Alison Alhamed | 10/17/2012 2:07:00 PM


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The holidays are coming--and 'tis the season for beautiful party hair for your clients. In this how-to, Nicolette Gauci, editorial design coordinator for The Mastery by Esani, used Paul Mitchell products and a little imagination to use ONE set to create THREE looks perfect for the holiday season. 

Hair: Nicoletta Gauci, Editorial Design Coordinator for The Mastery by Esani using Paul Mitchell
Make-up: Stephanie Floyd for The Mastery by Esani
Photography: Jarrell Williams
Wardrobe: Ryan Wharton

To prep the hair, first shampoo with Paul Mitchell's Awapuhi Wild Singer Moisturizing Lather Shampoo. Next, use Awapuhi Wild Ginger Cream Rinse on the ends. Spritz hair with Awaphui Moisture Mist to detangle. Hair was blown out, and set with clips for volume at the base.

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click image to zoom Step one: Using the Paul Mitchell Clipless Iron, wrap hair maintaining a flat ribbon around iron, alternating directions on each section. Keep the small end of the wand up and larger end pointing down. Start at nape and work toward front hairline spraying each section with Paul Mitchell Extra Body Finishing Spray, increasing your elevation at apex.
Step two: Clip up front hair line for added hold and body. Make sure sections are alternating and on base for maximum volume. Allow hair to cool and set   click image to zoom
click image to zoom Step three: Break apart curl pattern with hands. Starting at nape creating a splitting motion with hands webbing the hair into desired shape. Sculpt hair into desired wave with a wide tooth comb to maintain organic texture.


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 LOOK 2:


click image to zoom Step one: Divide front and back portions of the head with a line crossing from mastoid process to mastoid process. Separate back panel into three archs.
Step two: Divide two neighboring panels into 3-4 horizontal diagonal back straps. Pick panels according to which side you want your twist to turn. Leave ends out as they will become your fill for your twist one backcombed for volume. Use final back panel to create your outer shell of your roll. click image to zoom
click image to zoom Step three: Backbrush remaining panel with a dressing brush and roll into place securing with bobby pins on the interior of the roll and hair pins on the exterior as place holders while dressing the remaining hair for your final look. Take zig zag partings starting at the apex moving towards fron hairline and using your dressing brush build volume with a c movement expanding the wave shape from your first look. Use a Finishing Spray like Paul Mitchells Awapuhi Wild Ginger to support your styl


click image to zoom Step one: Divide arched section at fringe area spanning from end of eye brow to end of eye brow along front hair line nearly reaching the apex. With remaining hair create a secure perfect pony. Following preexisting curl pattern pin hair up to maintain texture or enhance any texture than has been lost.
Step two: Lightly backcomb front section away from face and place over secured pony. Position with large hair pins and using hair taken from the pony wrap around the the base tightening as you remove the hair pins maintaining a soft piecy texture around hairline. Secure by hooking a bobby pin into pony tail base. click image to zoom
click image to zoom Step three: Lightly backcomb the remaining hair and secure the ends with a small rubber band. Loop banded ends in and pin into the underneath of the pony tail. Adjust and expand hair shape to face shape. Use hair pins as needed to lift and spread the bouffant created.


Hair: Nicoletta Gauci , Editorial Design Coordinator for The Mastery by Esani using Paul


Model: Abbey Provided by Element Model Management

Make-up Stephanie Floyd for The Mastery by Esani

Photography by JarrellWilliams

Wardrobe: Ryan Wharton






ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Alison Alhamed

Alison Alhamed, Editor in Chief of Modern Salon Magazine | Editor of First Chair

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October, 18, 2012 at 08:22 AM

What a beauty.So amazing and nice hairstyles.I like look 3.This one is so dashing and fantastic hairstyles.You may also like the following :

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So cute and awesome hairstyles.I love your selection so much.

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