Adding new services or making modifications to old ones is
an important business strategy for spas. And offering one-of-
a-kind services will separate your spa from the rest. This
month, we asked MODERN’S Proview Panel members:
Do you offer any unique services at your spa?

  • 80
    of MODERN’S
    Proview Panel
    predict an
    increase in
    their spa
    business for

  • 34
    of MODERN’S
    Proview Panel
    add new services
    and/or tweak old
    services on their
    spa menu

Modern Proview: Spa Services for Spring

Modern Proview: Spa Services for Spring

Modern Proview: Spa Services for Spring

Modern Proview: Spa Services for Spring

Modern Proview: Spa Services for Spring

“Fusion massage is our signature spa service which incorporates
a body polish and water therapy followed by a massage.
We are also working more on ‘cocooning,’ which basically is
when the client is wrapped up in the sheet underneath them
and beginning on one side of the body the therapist will slide
her hands underneath the edge of the body and gently rock
beginning on the upper of one side and rock down one side
and up the other. It is very soothing and relaxing.”

—Pat Helmandollar

president of Savvy Salon and Day Spa, Charlotte, North Carolina

“Ear candling. This service
helps with several ailments—
sinus problems, wax build-up,
water build-up from scuba
diving or swimming—it’s very
relaxing and beneficial.”

—Shyla Kurnick

designer stylist/co-owner of
Avalon Salon and Day Spa
Deer Park, Illinois

“Our Cocoa Body Scrub is one of our guests’
favorite services. They receive a dry exfoliation
and then an application of the Cocoa
Body Scrub, which is a mixture of sea
salts, essential oils and dry cocoa along
with their choice of tangerine, vanilla or
peppermint aromatherapy oils. At the
beginning and end of the service, they are
given a square of dark organic chocolate
to let melt in their mouth.”

—Sara Cruncleton

spa director of Ihloff Salon and Day Spa
Norman, Tulsa, and Kansas City

“We offer as an add-on service to any
spa visit, a 20-minute relaxation time
in our dry hydrotherapy bed. This bed
is like being in a cocoon of warm water
but the client remains completely dry.
As you are immersed inside the bed,
a ceiling screen plays nature views
with soft lighting and relaxing music.”

—Steve Napier

master stylist/education manager of
J. Bentley Studio and Spa, Columbus, Ohio

“We are now featuring the Thai body stretching
massage. The Thai massage is a great
warm-up before any exercise program.”

—Angela Guido

owner of Daryl Christopher Wellness Salon and
Day Spa, Waltham, Massachusetts

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