What a run it's been for the hit Broadway Musical “Spring Awakening”
and the cast Hair Supervisor Kevin Maybee. Spring Awakening is the
expressionistic, groundbreaking winner of eight Tony Awards, including
Best Musical in 2007, with Kevin Maybee serving as the productions'
innovative, deviceful supervising hair stylist. Kevin came to this
award-winning cast as a 25-year veteran of the hair and beauty trade,
and a 15-year veteran of touring with theater and musical shows. He's a
consummate pro who employs his vast experience for maximum aesthetic
impact. For the Spring Awakening tour, Kevin decided to work his hair
magic using products from the PRAVANA Naturceuticals salon hair care
and color line, with such astounding results, that even he was
(pleasantly) surprised!

co-owner of his Hair Off Broadway salon in Central California, Kevin
has been deeply entrenched in the current trends in hair styling and
product innovations across the salon hair care sector for decades. He
took his considerable skills and experience to work with him on the
road with the Spring Awakening cast. Utilizing a custom-built,
state-of-the art (by an enterprising crew member) mirrored, portable
styling table, that allows him to store his products and tools, Kevin
worked his cut, color and styling magic on the cast of one of the
hottest theatric touring shows in the nation.   


Also unique to his Spring Awakening experience is the use of PRAVANA
products for the care, cut, color and styling of his cast members'
hair. Kevin is thrilled with the results of the PRAVANA products,
stating “I really just love them. I became aware of PRAVANA a couple of
years ago, but hadn't used it before. Now, I see that the shampoos and
conditioners keep the hair healthy, while the ChromaSilk and Vivid,
color hair to perfection.

Using the PRAVANA Naturceuticals products system results in healthy,
shiny manageable hair, that can stand up to the stress of the extensive
heat and styling associated with daily stage performances. We've had
outstanding results with the entire line. We plan to continue its use
while we're touring, and it will be carried in our Hair Off Broadway
salon, as well.”

products feature a hybrid construct of strength-building hydrolyzed
proteins and natural, moisture-infusing Meso-American botanical
formulas for the care, maintenance, color and style of all types of
hair. The blend of advanced proteins and natural botanicals work to
enhance hair's strength, elasticity and shine for optimal health and


When we caught up with Kevin, he was on a brief holiday hiatus, working
in the Off Broadway salon that he co-owns with his sister, during the
tour's holiday break. He was catching up with the salon's activity,
looking forward to a bit of a breather, but also waxing poetic about
his love for his theater family, “The cast and crew of this production
are among the finest people I've ever had the pleasure to know. I
wouldn't trade this experience for the world. It's fantastic”.

As for Spring Awakening, the production will conclude its run at the
Eugene O'Neill Theatre in New York on Jan. 18, 2009. In addition to the
current U.S. national tour, international productions of Spring
Awakening are planned for London, Vienna, Toronto, Helsinki, Seoul and
the Philippines for 2009. The musical is based on the
German-expressionist play by Frank Wedekind, who wrote about the
academic, social and parental pressures on teenagers - ideas which have
echoed for decades.