An avid Game of Thrones fan, Make-up Artist Allison Chase spent lots of time daydreaming about the show in-between episodes. Then, right as the most recent Season 4 was wrapping up, it struck her -- why not create a Game of Thrones-inspired makeup photoshoot?

"I started thinking about elaborate face painting designs that had the sigil of each house. Originally the idea was to cover the whole face and neck. Once I actually sat down and started designing, the looks evolved to what they are now!"

As far as planning, Chase connected with photographer Matt Barnes who was also a Game of Thrones fan and was really excited about the concept. Together they finalized the casting and came up with backgrounds and props for each house. "We were really lucky with the casting as all the models really brought out the feel of the different houses," she says.

All nine models were shot in only two days, says Chase. "Each look took one hour to apply the makeup. I practiced each of the looks on myself beforehand so that application times would be quicker." The Baratheon crown and Tully necklace were made by Chase, but the Martel headpiece was custom-made and donated by Circle of Wolves - Cosmic Jewels and Trinkets.

Chase created a variety of looks, but by far her favorite was House Greyjoy. "It's a really nerdy book reference as well so I'm quite fond of it!" Each look had it's specific challenges says Chase, "Oddly, one of the easiest ones was actually House Bolton. I used to work in a Haunted House so I've done similar before and after looks."

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(Credits in slideshow)


Face paint: Paradise

Eye shadow: BH Cosmetics, the gold was Mehron's gold powder + mixing gold.

Mascara: Estee Lauder