The Red Carpet collection by Anne Veck was inspired by Haute couture, beautiful chignons, and the timeless red carpet style embodied by dresses which show off elegant backs and shoulders teamed up with stunning by minimal jewelry.

Elegance and extravagance is present throughout the collection. When it came to photography, Veck asked the team to work with shadows and rich tones to create a Femme Fatal ambiance throughout the shoot. Below, is a step-by-step for one of the six styles in Anne Veck’s collection.


STEP 1: Prepare the hair by first applying mousse all over it and then drying it.

STEP 2: Backcomb each section, then straighten it and brush it out in order to change the texture of the hair making it more malleable.

STEP 3: Split the hair from ear to ear through the vertex. Secure each section into a ponytail.

STEP 4: Fix in place the added hair. Criss-cross the ponytail.

STEP 5: Add padding to create the shape.

STEP 6: Flip the hair and cover the padding completely.

STEP 7: Use fine wave grips to hold the hair in place.