HOW-TO: Crimped and Curled Tri-Texture Looks by Rafe Hardy

By Lauren Salapatek | 01/02/2014 10:38:00 AM


It’s not uncommon to spot classic movie-star waves on the red carpet, but with detailing across the front as a visual point of interest. This blending of trends inspired Rafe Hardy, Artistic Creative Director for Sexy Hair, for this MODERN photoshoot where long-haired models emerged with intense texture offset by crimping or a braided headband.

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With his fellow Sexy Hair stylist Nadirah Volpe, Hardy conceived these looks as a way for stylists to offer versatility to long-haired styles without cutting.

“Texture is a fun way to enhance longer hair and there are so many things you can do besides a ponytail and your typical upstyle. Once you get a good set in there and you have that foundation, versatility becomes much easier. Clients can wear the hair so many different ways. She can do first day, then expand the texture on the second day and on the third day, pin it up.”

One model received a faux-fringe of braids while the next had tri-texture—crimp, curl and braids.


Stylers: Soy Touchable Hair Spray, Soy Paste Pomade, Soy You Want Flat Hair Thermal Protection Hot Iron Hairspray, all Sexy Hair

Irons: Hot Tools Curling Iron 5/8th barrel, Sam Villa Texture Iron, Cermic Tools ¾ inch

Nails: My Vampire’s Buff, Witch is Witch, My Very First Knockwurst, all OPI


Hair: Rafe Hardy

Assisted by: Nadirah Volpe

Photography: Robert Lynden

Make-up: Inessa Shak

Fashion styling: Alejandro Peraza

Nails: Bobbie Naohara


Hair: Rafe Hardy 
Assisted by: Nadirah Volpe
Photography: Robert Lynden
Make-up: Inessa Shak
Fashion styling: Alejandro Peraza
Nails: Bobbie Naohara 

click image to zoomSection the hair as shown to prepare for a combination of crimping and curling. click image to zoomUsing a microcrimper, crimp the large fringe section which extends from each corner of the eye to the top of the crown. Next, crimp the section on the right side, which extends from the top of crown to top of the right ear. click image to zoomMoving to the back of the head, wrap-curl all of the remaining using a curling iron. Maintain small sectioning for a consistent curl pattern. click image to zoomBreak up the curls with a wide-tooth comb, using pomade or a drop of oil for control. For this finish, some frizz complements the desired texture. Using the crimped fringe section from step two, create a roll that rests on the forehead. Then, create a loose braid that stretches from ear to ear using the crimped hair from step two, secure with pins.






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Theresa lewis    
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Leonardtown, Maryland  |  January, 04, 2014 at 06:42 PM

What can you do with short hair that is really straight without perming it. Need ?something different, but don't know what. HELP!!!

Nicoleta  |  January, 26, 2014 at 12:25 PM

This is a great hairstyle but seems hard to be done at home.

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