Q&A with Ryan Burrell, editorial hair stylist

MODERN SALON: What inspired you to create this collection?
RYAN BURRELL: Having the freedom to express myself with texture and color — or shall I say chalk!

MS: Can you tell us about the hair cut and style?
RB: The bowl/mushroom hair cut inspired me to style with color and texture. When you see a cut like this, you never think of what else you can do. Thinking outside of the box led me to hair chalk and changing the shape of the cut.

MS: What products did you use?
RB: Catwalk Session Series Work It, finishing hair spray and hair chalk.

MS: Where did you do the photoshoot?
RB: Chicago.

MS: If you could have done anything differently, what would you have done?
RB: I would have loved to see shades of purple in the hair.

MS: What are you most proud of in this collection?
RB: It's always a proud moment in a collection when you get hte first image from the photographer and your heart drops because it's everything you've imagined.

MS: Anything you'd like to add?
RB: The energy in the room was unbelievable!

Model: Echo
Photography and styling: Casey Vange
Makeup: Kristina Marie Feyerherm, Factor Artists

Website: www.RyanBurrellHair.com
Instagram: RyanBurrellHair