Hairstyles by RachelAnneKrauseName: RachelanneKrause
Hometown: Clinton Township, MI
Cosmetology School: David Pressley
I'd like to specialize in: Extensions
Role Models: Definately Mark Foley, Alle Alexander, and Other Schwartzkoph Platform Artists.
My Motto: Sky is the Limit..
Why I love the industry: I love fashion and cosmetology is definately plays a big role.
Why I love the industry: People with NO style and Beauty sense.
The best moment of my career (so far): Definately winning my clients hearts and having them completely confide in me with their life secrets.
My five-year plan: In five years I hope to have finished college and have a full clientele double booked and working with at least two asistants. I hope my education SOARS and I learn ALOT.