Another year, another crop of celebrities making waves with their trend-setting styles. We’ve been bursting with hair envy of plenty of edgy color choices, flirty textures and sexy styles seen on the red carpet throughout the year, but we managed to trim them down to a few of the most lusted-after celebrity looks of 2011. Thinking of copycatting Zooey Deschanel’s sweet yet seductive fringe seen here? Or Rihanna’s rich and furiously red tresses? Let’s break down who can best pull off some of the hottest trends in celebrity hair as we transition into the new year.


We’ve been on Zooey Hair Watch since seeing her playful style debut in “500 Days of Summer,” but 2011 was the year of Zooey with her hit TV sitcom “New Girl.” Her full fringe is super flexible—styled straight or swept to the side—and best worn on ladies with naturally voluminous hair and a great flat iron.

Best of 2011: Most Lusted-After Celebrity Looks


Despite a rocky year on and off TV, Kim’s hair (extensions, let’s get serious) has never looked better. Rocking serious length with large, subtle waves, the reality starlet’s style works best on clients with naturally straight hair looking to lengthen the appearance of their face. With a one-inch barrel curling iron and a little shine spray, this look is easily translated for everyday wear.

Best of 2011: Most Lusted-After Celebrity Looks


Working with a client who’s not quite ready to put her best facial features forward? This look is not for her. Plenty of pixie cuts came and went throughout 2011, but the “Marilyn and Me” star wore it best with a golden hue that complements her flawless skin and the perfect length on the sides to balance her lobes. Suggest this for straight-haired clients looking for an edgy cut with little prep time.

Best of 2011: Most Lusted-After Celebrity Looks


Former MTV reality star and now fashion designer Lauren Conrad flirted with a rainbow of color choices throughout the year, letting her fans vote on which colors to introduce to her hair in 2011. This pop of peach was by far her most interesting color experiment, as it satisfies that bug to get a little rebellious with some pink tones without being entirely impractical. If your client is dying to go pin

Best of 2011: Most Lusted-After Celebrity Looks


The nearing end of the “Twilight” movie saga has clearly been good for Kristen’s personal sense of style, as we’ve seen her overall look evolve and mature in just this past year. Though she’s kept her signature style of long and tousled copper strands, her look was much more polished and sexy in 2011. Ladies with lots of length and a little natural wave wear this layered and effortless style best.

Best of 2011: Most Lusted-After Celebrity Looks


Warning: Rihanna’s best look in 2011 is not for the faint of heart. The chart-topping singer had quite the love affair with red this year, and this Marilyn Monroe-esque bob doused in fire engine red was a jaw dropper, to say the least. It may be the most difficult color upkeep of them all, but for the right client looking for some serious sass (and regular trips to the colorist) it should more than do the trick. Color retention for her means client retention for you. Win-win!


Some Curlies were slightly disappointed to see this country music darling start to straighten her signature texture more and more on the red carpet, but we quickly came around when she compromised with this old Hollywood glam look. Not as severe as her kinky natural texture but just as sleek as her straight styles, Taylor’s grown-up new look is great inspiration for curly girls not ready to go Keratin but looking for a reprieve from their usual look.