While at America's Beauty Show in Chicago, Steven Lightfoot stopped by the MODERN SALON booth to demonstrate a quick and fun way to create extremely editorial hair that can be used in photo shoots or runways by using a Salon Tech flatiron, little product, some thread (yes!), hair pieces/filler, and pins.

Step 1: Working in horizontal partings up the head, begin at the nape. Using the Salon Tech 1-inch titanium flatiron, create texture in the hair. "We're trying to work fast, not trying to make it look 'pretty,' this is about creating texture," Steven says. Using verticle partings, create flatiron curls throughout each section. Alternate the direction of the curls by changing which way you turn the iron (toward or away from the face).

Step 2: Lightly backcomb each section at the base to maintain the curl movement. As you go through the hair section by section, add in hair filler to "bulk" up the hair. Alternate the natural hair with the filler to stack the hair in layers of color. The filler will resemble a cotton candy texture and add an avant-garde feel. Using a contrasting color of filler helps to editorialize the result.

Step 3: Take a long piece of string or thread, attach bobby pins to each end. Take one pin and secure at the nape of the head. Then, in a sewing motion, take your second pic on the opposite end and weave through the design to a) secure the hair in place, and b) create a "cotton candy cloud" of hair that is secure, elevated, and appears seamless. (See the video below to watch Steven sew the hair!)

Step 4: Finish the design with hairspray and manipulate the hair to the desired part of the head. Feel free to use extra pins to reinforce the shape and structure you create. Use natural hair from the front hairline to shape into an editorial design. Use the filler as a pillow to drape and rest the hair on top.


Video one: Steven Lightfoot of Salon Tech demonstrates the sewing portion of creating this editorial look. Watch as he shapes the hair into the desired structure and then reinforces the shape with thread and pins.

Video two: Steven Lightfoot of Salon Tech dishes on the hair trends that will be hot this season.