Hair: Rebecca Gregory, for Organic Color Systems
Photography: Roberto Ligresti
Make-up: David Maderich
Fashion styling: Rod Novoa

Rebecca Gregory, Technical Director and National Educator for Organic Color Systems, believes 2013 will offer looks that blend sophistication—with a dose of edge.

“I am inspired by the captivating exuberance of the roaring 1920s,” she says. “Style then was dashing, yet elegant. My goal is to evoke a feeling of tasteful style, with a touch of coquettish romance.”

While the shape itself makes a statement, the selection of bold, multi-faceted ruby tones brings this look to a whole new level. “It’s more than the unique placement,” says Gregory. “It’s a healthier approach to hair color. With this product, I can change color without disturbing the integrity of the hair.”

For this color design, Gregory chose to alternate three shades in diagonal sections, mixing weaves and slices throughout. “It’s soft and strong all at the same time,” she says. “It’s gentle and dramatic simultaneously, but it’s the level choice that determines the level of drama. For this look, I kept it subtle. It’s classic and romantic but with some mystery; really, what I call the Devil in the Angel.”


Formula 1:

Fire red with gold accent (Equal parts 4CR and 5FR and drops of Extra Bright Red XBR with 20 volume)

Formula 2:

Red Mocha (equal parts 5RC and 4MO with 20 volume developer)

Formula 3:

Extra Bright Red Orange (equal parts 6RC and 7FR with drops of Extra Bright Orange and Extra Bright Red)

Formula 4:

Base shade of Red Penny (6RC with drops of Red Concentrate and drops of Extra Bright Orange with 10 volume)

1. Section hair as shown. Create a horseshoe parting above the occipital bone. Subdivide in quadrants.

2. Begin the color at the front. Drop out a section of the hairline and leave out. Take a slice in the next horizontal section and apply Formula 1 with even saturation from scalp to ends.

3. Take another thin slice directly behind the last section and apply Formula 2.

4. Directly behind the last slice, take a section and pull a heavy weave.

5. Apply Formula 3 to this woven section.

6. Moving back to the parietal ridge, take a diagonal section and slice. Apply Formula 1 to this section.

7. Take another diagonal slice directly behind the previous slice and apply Formula 2. Take a heavy weave behind the previous slice and apply Formula 3.

8. Continue with this slice/slice/weave pattern as you complete a Z-shaped pattern on the top of the head.

9. Apply Formula 4 to the remaining hair.

10. Process under medium heat for 15 minutes and then an additional 15 minutes without heat. Rinse and towel dry the hair.