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HOW-TO: From Golden to Icy Blonde

By Maggie Mulhern | Updated: 08/05/2014 9:39:00 AM
Learn HOW TO take your client from golden to icy blonde in this step by step by Marcus Byerly. It's all about toning.
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HOW TO: Step By Step On This Beautiful Rope Braid Updo

By Maggie Mulhern | Updated: 08/01/2014 5:11:00 PM
HOW TO: Get the step by step on this rope braid updo by Heidi Marie Garrett.
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Jason Backe On Ombre As a Now Classic Hair Color Design

By Maggie Mulhern | Updated: 07/30/2014 4:24:00 PM
Jason Backe chats about ombre and color painting in this video.
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Tips and Tricks for Coloring Extensions

By Maggie Mulhern | Updated: 07/30/2014 3:28:00 PM
Kitty Nadel offers tips and tricks for coloring extensions.
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HOW-TO: Blood and Mandarin Orange Color Melt

By Maggie Mulhern | Updated: 07/30/2014 2:59:00 PM
Get the HOW TO and formula for this blood and mandarin orange color melt.
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SEEING RED: A Great Vision + Great Consulation= Thrilled Guest

By Anne Moratto | Updated: 07/29/2014 12:27:00 PM
Anatalie David (@anatalienicole) is a Senior Colorist at The Red Door in the Union Square neighborhood of Manhattan is a master of the consultation.
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