"My new client Rokelle wanted a fresh new look," says Tory Vejseli (@toryvejseli) of Life Spa Salon, Algonquin, IL. "She asked for something low-maintenance and easy to keep up.
Before she had been getting full foils every 4-6 weeks and wanted to say "goodbye" to flat over-processed hair color and "hello' to a soft natural balayage."
COLOR CORRECTION: Simple and Tasteful
Here, Vejseli offers the HOW TO for this pretty and tasteful color correction:
Step 1: To root area apply Wella Koleston 20grams 7N, 20grams 6N and 5 grams 5N, blended with equal parts with 10 volume and 20 volume (to make 15 volume developer).
Step 2: Blend this color down a bit along shaft, "more toward the back so she still felt blonde." 
Step 3: Balayage horizontal sections with Wella Blondor blended with 20 volume using cellophane and cotton technique.
Step 4: Process for 40 minutes at room temperature.
Step 5: Tone with 10 grams 8A and 20 grams 9N.