When Marisela Perez (@hairbymarisela) of Moreno Valley, California, met her client she was thrilled she arrived with realistic expectations.

"Her goal was to get a long bob with a more natural looking color but keeping it light," Perez says. "She was looking for something she described as 'sunkissed'."


STEP 1: Client has a natural level 5. First cut off about 10 inches. This leaves 5 inches of existing color. 

STEP 2: In diagonal and alternating sections, tease close to root area.

STEP 3: Weave out and highlight with Joico Verolight Lightener  with 10 volume developer, applying up to the line of demarkation.

STEP 4: Skip sections and then low light with Rusk Haircolor 6n10vol leaving about 1 1/2inch blonde.

STEP 5: Alternate throughout the head in this manner.

STEP 6: Process for 30 minutes at room temperature, lifting to a level 9 to match the lighter ends.

STEP 7: Rinse then glazed with Rusk Hair Color 7n with 10volume developer.