In the November edition of MODERN SALON, April Barton demonstrated her "triple threat" of styling options to boost seasonal business by creating three different styles: Surfer Rock, Classic and Clean and Polished Punk which is seen here. "It's nice for the client to be presented with options," Barton says. "It takes a lot of the pressure off both of you." Barton was recently retained by Paul Mitchell to collaborate on the launch of the new men's line MITCH, which targets real style for every man.


1. Afer shampooing begin cut at the crown. Project sections and cut to texturize and remove length. Blend along the occipital avoiding the front sections.

2. Direct hair to one side. Hold the setion and cut the ends to the desired length.

3. Lay the section flat. Using shears, run over the surface, closing blades slightly, to add texture.

4. Take the Mitch razoring tool and "pencil" along the surface to remove weight, shape and texture.

5. Continue to the back below the occipital, penciling from the rounds to the nape.

6. Add Mitch Hardwired from the sides blending up to the ends.

7. Comb the hair as it is to be worn. Using a clipper, run over the surface to shape and remove bulk.

8. Add Mitch Hardwired to the ends, lift up.

9. Return to the back and create a natural, diffused line at the nape.