There’s no doubt about it; hair transformations are only as beautiful as the products and tools used to create them.

Featuring four new stylers: an environmentally friendly hairspray, finishing powder, fiber paste and polisher, Pravana’s Nevo collection is all about offering glam styling results while nourishing the hair with natural ingredients. Infused with drops of the Amazon, a natural complex composed of mulateiro extract, babassu oil and Brazil nut oil, the vegan, gluten-free formulas are designed to preserve the integrity of the hair and protect against color fade.


Featuring: Nevo Super Shape Hair Spray

Whether you’re trying to achieve frizz-free, pin-straight strands or big, bouncy curls, Super Shape provides body with a touchable finish and defends against humidity while protecting you and the environment from harsh chemicals.

STEP 1: Mist dry hair lightly with Super Shape.

STEP 2: Begin at the top in a horizontal on-base pattern. Use a large 1 -1 ½” barrel marcel, curl hair starting at the roots. Work the marcel iron from roots to ends, then clip the curls into place to cool.

STEP 3: Continue through the sides and into the back in horizontal, on-base sections, clipping the curls as you go.

STEP 4: Spray the set with Super Shape and allow to cool completely.

STEP 5: Remove the clips from the curls.

STEP 6: Beginning at the fringe, lightly back-comb the base of the hair using a teasing brush. Always begin teasing hair at the base, working your way to the ends. Continue back-combing through the top, from front hair line to crown.

STEP 7: Mist Super Shape Hair Spray directly to a flat, bristle brush. Smooth out the back-combed portion and base of the set, working lightly through to the ends to create smooth, controlled volume.


Featuring: Nevo Lived-In Powder Potion

This transforming finishing powder instantly changes from a lightweight, soft powder into a velvety pomade. Lived-In Powder Potion can be used to create second-day texture or as a pliable styling foundation.

STEP 1: On damp hair, apply NEVO Full Volume focusing at the root and working through the lengths of the hair. The Cottonseed Protein in NEVO Full Volume weightlessly creates shape and airy movement, perfect for any down style. Apply NEVO Hydra Pearls through the mid-length and ends.

STEP 2: Working from the nape - up, blow-dry the hair smooth using a medium to large round brush.

STEP 3: Once hair is dry, apply NEVO Hydra Pearls to the mid-length and ends. Continue smoothing the hair with a flat iron, working from the bottom up. PRO TIP: For added shape and volume, flat iron hair in the opposite direction of where it falls, starting ½” from the root.

STEP 4: Melt NEVO Lived-In Powder Potion in hands and smooth any flyaways left for glass-like hair.

  1. Remove the clips from the curls.