French Braids at STILL uber hot right now, and even though the trend may die out by Spring, Melissa Peverini, celebrity stylist and Cricket artist, believes the ability needed to create a perfect French Braid should be part of the skill set of every stylist. Here she offers the steps needed to create a flawless Waterfall French Braid:


STEP 1: Take a small section from the front hairline and sub divide into three parts. Prepare to braid diagonally around one side of the head.

STEP 2: Start to create a traditional braid by pulling the section closest to the middle of the head across the middle section.

STEP 3: Pull the third section, the one closest to the face, across the middle strand like a stand braid. Continue to braid, pulling the piece closest to the middle of the head, folding over.

STEP 4: Let the third section fall with the rest of the hair. Pick up the section under the current section and replace the one dropped.

STEP 5: Fold the new section over the second section and continue the braid by picking up another piece at the middle of the head and adding to the first section. Continue to fold over.

STEP 6: Continue to braid around the head this way, letting the piece closest to the face fall, and then picking up a new piece. Continue to work around the head until you reach the desired stopping point. Pin or tie the ends securely.