1. For a denser-looking weightline, defi ne‑the perimeter, then go into a face frame. Holding the hair at natural fall, point cut starting at the jaw. Blend to lengths.

2. Take a 4-inch circular area from the crown. Subdivide into 1-inch vertical sections and pull up. Drop the section (to reach) and point cut in to the ends, removing 2-3 inches from the length. Using a traveling guide toward the sides, while slightly overdirecting each section back toward previous section, create internal layers to give the appearance of thicker hair.

3. Take 2-inch sections and wrap around a mediumbarrel curling iron.

4. Spray each curl from base to ends with hairspray.

5. Isolate the fringe and direct forward.

6. Take the remaining hair and braid back, over the top of the head.

7. Return to the braid and pull out and up to add a natural, random texture.

8. Take the isolated fringe and backcomb the base.

9. Direct back over the existing braid and create a new braid from the top of the crown. Tuck ends into the existing braid and secure with pins.


Volume Principles: Color