MODERN stopped by Major League Barbers’ CE Workshop at America’s Beauty Show (ABS) in Chicago for their “Super Barber Education” class. In the class we saw “Kintae the Barbmetologist” create a high-top fade with juice part and freestyle faded design. Later that day we saw Kintae put the finishing touches on his model at the Andis booth…and you wouldn’t believe how it turned out! Lights, colorful graphics – the style was definitely a head turner at ABS! Even better, we have the steps for you below. Check it out!

"You want to make lines neat and clean, see the big picture and pay attention to details. Details that you add and going the extra mile is going to be the difference between them coming back to you or not. If you are a hair, nail or skin care provider don't limit yourselves!

STEP #1: Consider the head shape and hair texture. See the big picture and also pay attention to the details. Be sure to have the proper tools and lighting. See the final design you want to create before you get started

STEP #2: Pick comb the hair. Notice the hair line, density, texture, and it will determine which skills you need to use.

STEP #3: Using your proper guard begin the shaping. Go from a bigger to smaller guard. This is the beginning of the sculpting process. You want to leave creative space for blending and designs. Go up at a 90 degree angle from the curve of the head.

STEP #4: Continue shaping around the head. Be sure not to go too high in the back. (You may want to dip down some in the back, perhaps following the occipital bone.) Picking/Combing out a few times and reshaping is important. You want it to look the same when your client wakes up the next morning.

STEP #5: Begin the Juice part. Remember there is more than one way to skin a cat. You may part the hair first or simply sculpt the hair down, then make a part. Be sure to make a clean curve that’s not too thick unless it’s part of your design.

STEP #6: Begin the design cautiously and find out what works for you. Find the rhythm in the design and make sure that it flows together. Don’t be afraid to think outside the bow. Dare to be different. Cut the hair a little lower but not too much depending on the type of design you will attempt.

STEP #7: Final touch ups are important! You don’t always have to use a razor for touch ups if you have the right tools in your belt to get the job done. When using the razor be sure to pull the skin. Also be mindful if your client has sensitive skin.

Final food for thought: Your goal should be your client’s satisfaction! You are in a service profession!