Even if you live in a hole, yes a hole, you are most likely clear on one item trending in beauty: NAIL ART!

From the runways at Fashion Week, to the red carpet to the salon, it seems everyone from high-fashion models to celebs to the average client is embracing nail art.

The question remains, what's next? Are you ready to take nail art to a whole new level? If you answered, "why yes, yes I am," then, behold Drippy Nail Tattoos from Rad Nails.

These nail tattoos can be applied to the fingernail or along to cuticle to create an oh-so-cool drippy effect that you can't get anywhere else.

"Cut either the red or black drips to size, peel off plastic, place on finger, dab with water until it has transferred, slowly peel off, and ta da! You've got the dopest nail art of all time!" says co-founder, and nail art lover, Chrissy Mahlmeister.

For more info on Rad Nails, and for details on picking up some of these decals, visit radnails.com.

Nail Art: Drippy Nail Tattoos