THE EVENT: Ted Gibson and Jason Backe celebrate their love with an official wedding, or as Backe calls it, a GWEDDING (gay wedding).

THE PLACE: Pier 46, on the Hudson River, in NYC

RECEPTION: The Ted Gibson Salon in the Flat Iron district at 23rd and 5th.

THE TIME/DATE: August 13, 2014, 6 pm to late!

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Perfect temperature (high 70's/low 80's), ominous clouds, poor hair conditions: very windy.

IN ATTENDANCE: About 75 friends, family and colleagues (not including the cluster of homeless and transvestites watching the festivities from the side. It IS NYC after all!)

SPECIAL ATTENDEE: Spencer, Ted and Jason's Norwich Terrier

It was a very special evening as long time partners (in business and life) Ted Gibson and Jason Backe expressed their love with a wedding, on Thursday, August 13, on Pier 46, off Charles Street, in NYC. Although everyone was invited (it was a "flash wedding"!) the happy couple expected about 50 people to show up. Many more did of course, including pier regulars, to witness the beautiful ceremony. Guests were asked to wear white (very difficult in this industry) and the crazy gusty wind toyed with some beautiful coifs.

It's been difficult holding off on this coverage (the New York Times had an exclusive until this morning). But in addition to the NYT excellent coverage (link below), there was some additional fun: After the short-ish ceremony, most of the attendees went to the Ted Gibson Salon on Fifth Avenue for a reception. That's where the party began and the real celebration took place among white flowers, candles and balloons.

Congrats to Ted and Jason who met 20 years ago at a class when Ted worked as an educator for Aveda. This power couple, celebrity hairdressers and educators, made August 13, 2014, a great day for all!