This woven braided bun (part of Surface's Push & Pin Collection), and created by Surface’s Hair Art Team, can be worn to any kind of occasion from formal to informal. Learn the technique below.

STEP 1: (Section 1) Create a left part to the high point on the head just behind the ear. (Section 2) Create a part on a diagonal from right lower nape to top of left ear. (Section 3) Create a section from the top of right ear to left temple. The remaining hair is Section 4. Begin working in Section 2, and divide hair into four sections.

STEP 2: Start with Section 2 and being creating a four-strand braid, then divide it into four sections. Cross Section D over Section C and under Section B. Then cross Section A under Section B and over Section C. Repeat. Continue this pattern to the end and secure with elastic. Keep in mind that as you work on a section, it shifts into a new position (ex. D becomes B).

STEP 3: Complete the braid. Complete one braid in each of Section 3 and Section 4.
Tip: Make sure braids are not too tight. You will want to be able to mold and shape them easily.

STEP 4: Hold all three braids towards the right, making sure they stay as flat as possible.

STEP 5: Gently braid all three braids together and secure with elastic. Tuck tail and roll the braid under. Secure with one large bobby pin.

STEP 6: Complete the four-strand braid in Section 1. Work a bit looser than the others.

STEP 7: Drape braid above roll, tuck into left side and secure with pin. Begin to spread and shape braid. Pin where desired.

STEP 8: Secure roll in place joining sections together where needed. Finish with shine spray.