Marisol Suarez, Rene Furterer Artistic Director, is a salon owner, salon stylist and master wig master. When not working on her clients at Studio Marisol in Paris, Suarez works on intricate and intense wigs that are used for photoshoots, films or as art pieces. The average wig takes about 2 weeks to create and some of the more intricate can take up to six weeks to complete.

Suarez could only bring about 12 of her wigs and a collection of accessories for the New York press presentation.  The wigs are simply breathtaking. The "hair purse" caused quite a frenzy among the editors who also had fun trying on some of the wigs. When pressed to choose a favorite, Suarez selected a heavy, dark haired, horned piece that she says speaks to her Spanish heritage.

Learn more from Suarez herself in this brief tour of her collection presented at the Particular Hotel in NYC.