Vivienne and Geno: NAHA 20 Superstars

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Vivienne Mackinder gives a gracious acceptance speech for her Lifetime Achievement Award.

Geno Stampora accepts his award for NAHA Hall of Leaders.
MODERN chats with NAHA’s Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Vivienne Mackinder and Hall of Leaders recipient Geno Stampora.

MODERN SALON: How did you feel when you found out you were this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award/Hall of Leaders recipient?

Vivienne Mackinder:
It has taken more than 30 years to become an overnight success! Receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award was the greatest honor in my career, especially to be placed in the same group as industry giants like Vidal Sassoon and Robert Loretta, who are my hair heroes.

Geno Stampora: I’ve presented that award so many times I thought it was a joke at first. I felt great and great for the beauty industry because it was a hairdresser getting it. This is a major moment in my career.
MS: To what (or whom) do you attribute your success?

As I mentioned in my film clip during the NAHA awards, Vidal once told me “Vivienne, there is only one place where success comes before work and that is in the dictionary,” and I totally agree with this comment. Success is about making the right choices, and I did just that by working with the greatest talent in our profession—Vidal Sassoon and Trevor Sorbie. I worked very hard and consequently I remain a very diligent student, always striving to better my best, whether it be a hair cut, photo shoot, stage presentation or directing a film, I thrive on the challenge.

GS: I have such respect for the industry. When you’re around the right people, they can’t wait to share how they got where they got. On a personal note, I attribute my success to reading and studying and always having an eye on where the industry is going. If you aren’t right on it, changes happen without you knowing it.

MS: What is your proudest accomplishment?

Watch Vivienne describe the highlights of her career.
Being artistic director for Vidal Sassoon and Trevor Sorbie in London was huge. Winning five NAHAs was great. Making the film series I’m Not Just a Hairdresser was an honor and big achievement, as I never went to film school. And now, the birth of HairDesigner, I have created a venue where I am able to bring some of the greatest talent in the world to HDTV to share their brilliance with my audience. 

GS: This award and what came with the award. How many people took the time to call and send notes to say, “no one deserves it more than you.” As much as you know you’re good at what you do, it’s good to hear from your peers.  

MS: Where do you see your career in 10 years?

I hope I can increase my time in the photographic studio; I am still striving to create my best ‘wow’ photo collection. I have two books that I am working on for 2010. In addition I want to art direct young talent and continue to produce great TV shows on the web. My entire focus is HairDesignerTV.Com and Mod magazine. I want to bring the most brilliant talent and unite the nations. I also want to use this vehicle to reach third world countries and show women how they can make a good career in hairdressing.
GS: Probably right where I am now, dedicated to the betterment of the beauty industry one beauty professional at a time—growing, and realizing the importance of using all the avenues I have. Getting more info into the hands of the salons that really need it.

MS: What advice do you have for stylists who are just starting out?

Work for the best salon you can find, even if it means assisting. Set goals that are realistic and diligently work toward the goals (write them down or they will not happen). Assist where ever you can at a photo shoot or backstage at a show. Don’t let the business side crush your creativity, it is a treasure: Creativity with great taste will separate you from the crowd. Make a commitment to continuous education. Remember talent is not enough, you need passion and determination to succeed, not just good intentions—action, passion and purpose.

GS: Stay as close to the industry as you can. See it as more than four walls you work in. Read, study and grow. Regardless of the economy, today is the greatest day ever to embark upon a career in the beauty industry. We’re happy people because of contact with clients.

Photography: Eric Hoffman

MODERN Publisher Steve Reiss and Associate Publisher Michele Musgrove accept the NAHA Founders’ Award on behalf of MODERN SALON.

Co-anchor of Access Hollywood Nancy O’Dell was the recipient of  the PBA Beautiful Humanitarian Award.

Former NAHA winner Charlie Price (left) with the 2009 Master Hairstylist of the Year, Richard St. Laurent

Christopher and Sonya Dove joke onstage.

Looks from the Artistic Presentation at NAHA 20.

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