PROBLEM: Silioilmin is a term coined by the team at Malibu C to describe the mixture of silicones and oils in styling products, plus the minerals that are present in water—calcium, copper, chlorine and even lead. According to Malibu C, this combination gums up hair, interferes with color services and confounds stylists.

Catch Word: Silioilmin“Every stylist should know about the different elements that can sabotage their service,” says Trisha Kemp Rice, director of business development at Malibu C. “If they don’t know, they’ll get frustrated when their color results are inconsistent.” Kemp Rice teaches her students that prior to chemical services, they must start with a clean canvas and deal with silioilmin. “My message is to prep the hair properly so you know what you’re working with,” she says. Kemp Rice explains one of the contributing factors of silioilmin is product buildup, which makes it difficult to determine how coarse or porous a client’s hair really is.

SOLUTION: Styling products bind with the minerals in the hair, so they can easily be removed. Malibu C’s Crystal Gel features vitamin complex crystals that transform into gel when mixed with water. Apply from scalp to ends. Bag hair and expose to heat to open up the cuticle. Depending on the hair’s condition, process for 20 to 40 minutes.

PRO TIP: When processing Crystal Gel, don’t let it cool down before shampooing, says Kemp Rice. “Heat softens the silioilmin and makes it easier to wash away.”