Robb Dubre and David Lopez put a lot of effort and skill into creating a golden blonde, nicely textured finish for their April 2014 feature in MODERN SALON magazine.

"There's a fine line between yellow and contrasting golden blonde," says Dubre, Senior Artistic Director for Kenra Professional. "By using pivotal slices within circles, I can create a melding of contrasting blondes."

For stylist David Lopez, the goal was to create a nice weight line by following her neckline to add density to the perimeter. "I opened the fringe to open the face with diagonal sections, all cut on an angle for versatility," he adds.

Check out this short video to get an overview from each artist, including color (formulas!), cut and style.












Robb Dubre's Golden Girl Step by Step with Kenra Color

By Maggie Mulhern | 04/01/2014 | WWW.MODERNSALON.COM | HAIR-PHOTOS
While many colorists think linear, sometimes bringing in an unexpected shape for the color pattern can make those few steps look incredibly complex. Here, Robb Dubre creates dimension and depth at the base for a spring/summer warm up—for maximum impact with (exhale!) mi ...
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