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HOW-TO: Cutting a Modern Bob With a Tilted FringeThis modern style is versatile because it can be styled for many ways for different occasions. The cutting technique of pivoting from the crown reduces weight and allows the hair to move especially around the face area. This cut begins at the exterior of the hair cut, by creating an oval section on the top of the head. It is important to maintain moisture as you continue to section and point cut. Using free hand point cutting, you will learn how to create shape around the front of the face. This technique eliminates weight around the face and provides a softer, gentler look that some clients prefer.

For the complete styling steps, find the course at modernsalonlearning.com. Click on “Modern Salon Learning Classes,” and search: Bobstar.


STEP 1: Create two sections over the crown, also the occipital. Leaving out a horizontal section at the back of the head, also combing the hair from the ears forward.

STEP 2: Hold the hair flat at finger depth. Point cut the baseline, moving the head slightly forward to create a small amount of graduation.

STEP 3: Take down the next sub-section and follow guideline. Point cut until there is no more hair to cut.

STEP 4: Follow through to both sides, remembering to have the head slightly forward.

STEP 5: Divide the fringe section in two, and starting at the temples / recession area, freehand cut a curved / asymmetric shape above the first eye.

STEP 6: Using the eyebrow as a guide, creating a steep angle covering the other eye.

STEP 7: Take down 3cm sections to finish the fringe. Make sure it is at natural fall and follow the guideline until finished.

STEP 8: On an angle, continue to follow through down to in front of the ear, not going back, more in a vertIcal free fall point cut.

STEP 9: Move to the middle of the back and take vertical sections at least 2-3 cms apart, then proceed to flat layer the radius of the head using the occipital bone as your pivot.

STEP 10: Take down the last sub-section and starting at the center forehead, combing a vertical panel at 90 degrees and fingers on a 45-degree cutting angle and point cut.

STEP 11: Follow back towards the crown and continuing your cutting angle at 45 degrees.

STEP 12: Through the middle section take vertical sections at 90 degrees either side of your guideline until you run out of hair.

STEP 13: Dry off and personalize in this case eliminating weight by slicing.