In this photo shoot with The Doves, Sonya Dove described the colors she used to color the Hairdreams extensions as being those you’d spy in a diamond as the light hits it and it flares. “We used soft, muted, pastel tones—some lavender, soft gray, soft pinks, and a soft yellow. And while our model is already blonde, we went lighter because we wanted a very pale, soft base.” The Doves colored each extension and asked that the stylist and make-up artists refl ect these colors in the wardrobe and make-up.


Mixing Ratio: 1:1
Processing Time: 30 minutes
Yellow Quikkie: Wella Koleston perfect 0/33 and Koleston Perfect 10-volume developer.


HOW-TO: Pixie Pinup with The Doves and Hairdreams


STEP 1: Hairdreams TopHair is pre-lightened using Wella Blondor Powder lightener + Koleston Perfect 20-volume developer to a pale blonde. The crown is colored pink using Koleston Perfect 0/65 mixed with equal parts Koleston Perfect 10/0 and 10-volume developer.
STEP 2: Pull back hair into a triangle from temple to temple and secure. Take first section at the back from ear level and apply pre-colored yellow Quikkies.
STEP 3: Half an inch above the last section, apply another set of Quikkies. These are pink at the roots and yellow on the ends.
STEP 4: Clip TopHair in the front to secure.
STEP 5: Cut small sections of hair around the face.
STEP 6: Curl hair vertically.


Hair: Sonya and Christopher Dove
Photography: Roberto Ligresti
Photography (How to steps): Monica Orozco
Make-up: Inessa Shak
Fashion styling: Alejandro Peraza
Nails: Bobbie Naohara for OPI


HOW-TO: Enchanted Princess with The Doves and Hairdreams