Pittsburgh native Jimmy Paul began his career in 1984 but eventually moved to New York where he quickly became a successful freelance stylist, editorial darling and top artist at Bumble and bumble. His work has appeared in W, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, and he has created runway looks for Bill Blass, Nanette Lapour, DKNY and Costella Tagliapietra. Known for his feminine and glamorous finishes, Paul is also known for his casual and chic personal style.


about me

MY STYLE: Understated urban. I dress for comfort. Everything is usually a size too big (hides a multitude of sins!). Supreme, a street brand, is what I wear on a regular basis. I wear a leather trimmed hoodie by my friend Martin Keehn almost every day. I always wear my shirts untucked to hide my nerdy phone holder and wallet chain. I am always looking for the perfect simple rubber-soled shoe. Sore feet, as hairdressers know, is an issue. I often just wear Nikes.

FAVORITE DESIGNERS: I love designer clothes that you wouldn’t know were designer; shirts mainly. Commes de Garcons and Margiela have such beautiful things. When I have to look my best I always return to a basic Brooks Brother jacket. I like how it fits and that it is not too precious. I throw it around like it’s a jean jacket.

BEST JOB EVER: Any photo shoot with Steven Meisel is the best. It is a gift to work with that crew of geniuses, plain and simple.

BEST PART OF MY JOB: Easily, the creativity, beauty and getting to work with amazing people.

MY PERFECT DAY: One where I feel trusted and supported. Then I can let my creativity soar and be confident.

TOUGHEST PART OF MY JOB: Patience! I think I can safely say that is the toughest thing for most of us.

FAVORITE TV SHOWS: Madmen, American Horror Story, True Blood, Game of Thrones.

MY MENTOR: I have been lucky to have a few. My mother, a hairdresser and a very stylish woman. Also Oribe and Garren, two legends that I worked for.