First prize winners in the 2013 Wella Professional Minneapolis Trend Vision won an automatic entry into the North American Trend Vision competition, including a trip to Las Vegas with their model.

Winners in the Color Category: 1st Shane Moreland, Ficocellos Salon; 2nd Miroslav Kabic, Yomi’s Salon; 3rd Allison Tighe, Ficocellos Salon.

Winners in the Young Talent Category: 1st Erica Nash, Root Salon; Jess Iovinella, Root Salon; Ashley Sandra, Angelisa’s.

Winners in the Student Category: 1stRoselyn Bannerman, Minnesota School of Cosmetology; 2nd Edie Loy, Nova Academy; 3rd Crystal Carney, Regency Beauty Institute.

For more information on the 2013 Wella Professionals Trend Vision competition, visit www.wellausa.com. The North American Trend Vision Competition will be held in Las Vegas, July 19, 2013.

New to the industry, these students and young talent are already creating masterpieces. Recently at the 2013 Wella Professionals’ Minneapolis Trend Vision, competitors were tasked with choosing one of Wella Professional’s 2013 Trend Vision trends (Allegra, Decibel, Echo, Fusion) and creating their own creative version of the look.

After hours of prepping and planning the day of the event, stylists and colorists with their models presented their looks on stage in front of a panel of judges (MODERN was invited to judge!) Here what some of the newcomers to the industry had to say about their entries:

Edie Loy, Nova Academy in Rochester, MN

THE TREND: Decibel

This look incorporates a curl hawk, undercut and hair ribbons into one cohesive style. Loy focused on using teals, dark browns, chocolates and gold in her model’s hair style and outfit.  “To get the little curls in my look, I first took a strand of hair, sprayed it generously with Sebastian Shaper Zero Gravity hairspray, then I used a flatiron to create a ribbon effect. Afterwards I sprayed the ribbon with Sebastian Re-Shaper Strong Hold hairspray. Then I start forming a circle curl, then pin.”

Crystal Carney, Regency Beauty Institute, MI

THE TREND: Decibel

Carney first colored her model’s hair with an ombre effect. To style, she straightened the entire head and then started creating her textured wave, the core of this look. “I used a lot of Wella’s Stay Firm hairspray to keep the look in place. I love the edgy and rebellious attitude of the Decibel look. Wella makes the trend look sleek, so I smoothed the top, and then created lots of texture on top. To achieve this look I backcombed the base and sprayed the hair all over with hair spray. Then, I started using a flatiron to create the wave effect. If you have a client with fine or thinning hair, I would first make sure you add a lot of heat protective product, and extensions to get a volumized look. Luckily, my model has lots of dense hair, which was a good foundation.

Kasi Baker, Minnesota School of Cosmetology

THE TREND: Decibel

“I used 10 different colors in this Mohawk. It took me an entire day to figure out which colors I was going to use—I finally decided with diluted pastels.” To achieve the look, Baker spread Wella’s Rugged Fix Matt Molding Creme throughout and backcombed all of the hair straight up for the Mohawk effect. Then, use a backcombing brush to make the style look smoother. “The look incorporates a lot of hairspray, and lots of time going in and refining the curls. If you are creating a Mohawk, stand directly in back of them to make sure the results turns out straight.”

Ashlee Harman, Angelisa’s Salon, WI

THE TREND: Allegra

“First, I decided on the trend I wanted—Allegra—then I created a mood board by placing different pieces of fabric, jewels and pages from magazines to create an overall feel for what I wanted. Each time we did a practice run we gradually took something from the mood board and added it to our model. I wrote down my technique each time until we perfected it. After a three month period this is what my assistant and I came up with.”

Kathryn Hornick, Root Salon, MN

THE TREND: Decibel

Hornick created a geometric cut on top of a mullet; the look is very soft with a lot of texture in the back—Hornick calls it “dual texture.” “For geometric cutting it’s all about the shape and where the hair naturally lies on the head. For my model, I constantly had her wave her hair back and forth multiple times to see where the hair naturally fell. If you’re doing a geometric cut, I recommend accessing your work from different pivot points, even as far as 40 ft away, and seeing it in another person’s view.

Miroslav “Yomi” Kabic, Yomi’s Salon, WI


“This look took a lot of planning. After about six or seven different mannequins we came up with the final look, trying to mimic the Fusion trend in a creative way. This look is similar to an undercut and features slight graduation. I used zig zag foils when placing the color and concentrated them towards the front of the hair. I put a personal spin on it by putting my own initial in it! “If you look on the side you will see an ‘M’ for Miroslav.”