V76 by Vaughn held its first Men's Grooming Workshops in NYC on March 2 and 3, 2014. The intense, one-day courses were led by V76 Creator Vaughn as well as V76 Educators Barry Hughes and Jason Hunt. 

Both days focused on a complete salon visit for men, including cutting, styling and general grooming. "A guy's visit to the salon should be an experience, not just a 30 minute cut appointment," Vaughn says. "Before they leave the chair, all aspects should be addressed — everything from how to recreate the look at home to how long they should wear their sideburns to the importance of trimming their facial hair." 

Vaughn and educators Hughes and Hunt discussed the history of men's styling, demonstrated several looks and techniques, and explained how to cater to male clients in unisex salons by combining old-school barbering with current salon techniques. 

Presentation-filled mornings led to hands-on afternoons, where stylists were given the opportunity to work with a male client and give him the cut, shape and style that best suited his face shape, hair texture, lifestyle and personality.

"They learned how to tailor each cut and style to the individual —  and how to give a proper consultation on the total look," Vaughn says. "We encouraged them to slow down and not always go with their first instinct. If you take a step back, you'll start to think differently. That can really open your eyes."

Keep an eye out for more V76 by Vaughn Men's Grooming Workshops this spring and summer in New York City. For more information, visit v76.com

PHOTOS BY: Matt Licari