Waite Park, Minnesota

Owners: Jackie Hyndman, Nicolle Kruger, Alex Hyndman
Established: January  2013
Salon style: Rustic, Industrial, Chic
Square footage: 2,050
Stations: 8
Treatment Rooms: 2
Equipment: Custom
Furniture: Mike Brenny, Brenny Custom Cabinets
Total design investment: $70,000
Retail: Unite
Color line: Rusk
Design by: Sarah Victor, R.Preisser Construction, Inc. &  Stacy Evazich, Reprise Design, Inc., Bev Hyndman
Architects: Stacy Evazich, Reprise Design, Inc.
Photography: Steve Diamond Elements & Dupree Photoworks

Owners’ Comment:

“We wanted our stations to have a community feel where our stylists and clients can interact more freely in an open environment. We suspended the mirror from the ceiling with metal rods which really gave the feel of openness.”

Judges’ Comments:

“The unique exterior and the salon’s specially designed and installed shampoo beds make the salon one of a kind, while the poppy-themed accents and artwork reinforce the salon’s identity.”—Hillenmeyer

“Inviting space that has a sense of rustic charm with a hint of contemporary dazzle.”—Martin

“The fireplace has a great impact, while creating a cozy, homey atmosphere in the reception area.”Patrascu